Well and Good Ryeless Rye Bread

I was very excited with my trial of the Well & Good Ryeless Rye! True to form, I didn’t follow the instructions completely, I used a bowl to bake the bread in as opposed to the traditional bread loaf tin – but this super yummy bread mix didn’t fail me. It formed a lovely crust on top and was soft through the middle.  A very happy family!

Well & Good are known for their innovation and quality in trusted gluten and allergen free mixes and their revolutionary new product, Rye-less Rye Bread Mix does not disappoint. The Gluten Free Rye Bread is available in a 750g resealable bag, enough product for large 2 loaves.

Well & Good say ‘Our complex blend of ingredients creates a European style darker coloured, gluten free bread that is simple to bake and delicious to eat.  There is also the added goodness of spirulina. Spirulina is one of the richest and most complete food sources in the world, this adds colour and taste to our Rye-less Rye and gives a burst of protein and b complex vitamins’.

The bread mix also includes sunflower seeds for that hit of vitamin e.

Features of this product:

  • Spirulina and Sunflower seeds for extra punch.
  • Zip lock bag for easy storage.
  • Freezes and thaws beautifully
  • FODMAP Friendly



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