Gluten Free Sponge Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Sponge Cake

A light airy sponge cake topped with cream, chocolate and your favourite berries

There is something about sponge cake that everyone loves. At birthday parties it’s always one of the first plates to be emptied. The issue though, according to many on a gluten free diet, is that the gluten free version isn’t as good. The main problem is the texture and nasty after-taste… until now that is. The Well and Good Sponge Cake Mix¬†offers a lovely textured cake with a taste comparable to the traditional version.

One cake mix, may uses

Although we highly recommend this mix as a sponge cake, there are many other uses for this mix. Our favourites are the Swiss Roll layered with jam and sprinkled with caster sugar; lamingtons are another option and are a must for Australia Day; you can make a trifle from this sponge and our gluten free custard. Or why not make a coffee cake. You can get all these recipes and more from the Well and Good website.

If you use the Sponge Mix for any other recipes we’d love to hear from you. Get in contact and send us your recipe and we’ll send you a special thank you pack.


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  1. janine koppel

    i use this sponge mix to make gf lamingtons. yum yum

    1. Gluten Free Direct

      Me Too…. and I love them! Thanks…..

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